What is SketchCop® Solutions?

Many of you have seen the name, SketchCop® Solutions bouncing around the internet. This month, I thought I would share the meaning of the title, our logo and what it represents.

Brand establishment is important to companies and individuals. This includes my company - SketchCop® Solutions, Inc. We are a California-based corporation that provides forensic facial imaging products, services and training. SketchCop® is my trademarked, personal brand dedicated to becoming the Digital Difference in Facial Imaging and Identification. I’m also a published author.

I developed the name SketchCop® as a hybrid term used to explain what I did for a living. At the time, I was a police officer who sketched wanted criminals. I wanted something catchy, as I was already thinking about my personal brand. Combining, Sketch and Cop, seemed to me the easiest and most understandable way to create the new term.

Next, I designed a logo. The original SketchCop® logo has evolved over the years. What’s remained consistent was the background image. One of my career cases was the 1997, Beaumont, CA, kidnapping and murder of Anthony Martinez. It was a case that went cold for eight years until a suspected serial killer was arrested and charged in Anthony’s murder.

The suspect represents why I do this work. His intense gaze matched my determination to bring people like him to justice, so it was decided to use his eyes in my logo.

The puzzle piece was the result of a statement I have repeated many times that a composite sketch is but one piece of the investigative puzzle. I noticed that my peers often used the split image of a skull and a composite sketch to form their logo. I wanted mine to be distinctive and separate from the rest.

Now, with a catchy name and distinctive logo, I was off to establish my brand.

During my career, I was fortunate enough to study with the best and most experienced people in the business. After my training I got right to work and it wasn’t long before I was enjoying successes of my own.

I was also exposed to various facial composite software products that other companies marketed and sold to law enforcement. In some cases, the products weren’t very good and never enjoyed the support of the forensic art community. But, I was always a tech junkie and was fascinated by these products no matter how good or bad they were.

As technology became better and the demand increased for software-driven facial composites, I decided to create my own products, write my own books and synthesize my training into a method that I found successful. This helped give birth to SketchCop Solutions, Inc. and eventually SketchCop® Academy.

With all the elements in place, SketchCop® Solutions, Inc. and the SketchCop® Academy hopes to become an influencer in how law enforcement creates and distributes facial images in the future.

Considering the above, what is YOUR brand and how will you establish it? It’s surely something to consider. In the meantime, please join us. Sign up today and let’s catch some crooks!

~Michael--The SketchCop®