Happy Holidays from SketchCop® Academy Online

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year everyone! With the holidays quickly closing in, we’ll keep this month’s newsletter short and sweet. So, in the spirit of the holiday time crunch, let’s do a quick year-end review.

SketchCop® Online Academy started about a year ago with zero students and zero newsletter subscribers. Thanks to your support, we now have: 75 SketchCop® Online Academy signups, 69 students and 145 newsletter subscribers.

Once again, many thanks!

I would also like to thank Terri Armenta, our online academy administrator. She is also the owner of the Forensic Science Academy and Forensic Science Academy Online. (https://forensictrainingunlimited.teachable.com/) Terri helps keep me focused and runs the site like a well-oiled machine.

With all of us working together, I would say we’ve had a successful first year.

Our goal in 2018 was to introduce you to forensic facial imaging through our monthly newsletter. We also launched three online courses.

Looking forward to 2019, we’ve established partnerships to offer you tools for success, specifically digital pen tablets you may purchase for use during upcoming courses.

Starting soon, we’ll be launching product links to purchase a public version of Frontalis® Facial Composite System Software, pen tablets, Corel® Painter Essentials, Corel® Painter 2019 and Adobe® software.

This will allow us to focus more on developing your digital drawing skills, along with the practical aspect of the discipline which includes lessons in communication skills and rapport building.

Who knows? We might even have a hands-on workshop. I’ll have to talk to Terri and see what we can put together.Either way, 2019 promises to be another year of growth and development for SketchCop® Academy Online. We hope that you’ll remain a part of it.

Thanks again for all your support! Don’t forget, if you have any suggestions, feel free to throw them my way.

In the meantime, please enjoy a safe and peaceful holiday season and we’ll see you all on the other side of the calendar page in 2019!

~Michael--The SketchCop®