Hello Everyone,

What a crazy month this has been, both here and abroad. I’ve been doing the best I can to not to play into the fear and the hype, but to err on the side of caution, I’m playing it safe and staying close to home.

Sometimes it’s necessary to leave the safety and security of your home and get out to mix and mingle. It’s impossible to stay at home all the time. Venturing out in public requires that you follow precautions like washing your hands, using anti-bacterial wipes, or spray. Maintaining your distance to avoid people who are contagious is especially important. These are precautions we should practice anyway, with or without the Coronavirus.

Personally, I’ve always viewed obstacles as opportunities. It’s my opinion that we emerge from a crisis stronger than before. Surviving a crisis often leads us to form a different point of view, rethink our values or to look deep within ourselves and make individual self-improvements that lead us to become more educated, skilled or better informed.

During these next few weeks, I’ll be examining my own circumstance and use the time to renew my dedication to personal health through lessening my food intake, eat healthier and find better ways to exercise outside the gym.

I’ll also make time to practice my artistic skills and catch up on organizational or work products. Or, watch some webinars, read technical material and listen to some of my favorite podcasts. Maybe I’ll even meditate and nurse my bonsai tree back to health.

Some days I’m sure to be less ambitious. I might just say f-it and I’ll sit on the couch, devour a bag of Doritos and randomly sketch stuff while binge-watching Netflix.

Whatever I, or we choose to do, it’s my belief that we’ll gain the most valuable education about ourselves. For example, what lengths we are willing to go to so that we can adapt and survive in this ever-changing world of ours.

And, when this crisis is over and the cloud of uncertainty has lifted and we resume our regularly scheduled social programming, it’s important that don’t forget the lessons we learned.

But in this moment, I ask that you LIVE …cautiously and take care of yourself and your families. I’ll be doing the same. Maybe we could all spend our down time sketching. After all, there’s no better way to express yourself than observing and sketching the things around you. Or, just draw those objects floating around in your head. I can’t think of a better way to relax and relieve stress. Can you?

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts with you. Next month, we’ll tackle a lighter topic. In the meantime, be well, stay safe and as always…

Keep on sketching!